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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Joel Klein Talks School System Dysfunction at #EIE14

Joel Klein, the former Chancellor for NYC public schools spoke during the luncheon this afternoon at the Foundation for Excellence in Education's School Reform Summit 2014.

Mr. Klein spoke about his worry that the public school systems in America are by and large broken and dysfunctional.  From the lack of opportunity for minority students in urban districts, to schools that lack rigor, leading to graduates that are leaving school unprepared for college and/or careers, there are numerous problems he feels must be addressed.  He stressed the idea that parental engagement can be leveraged when parents are given choice in the education of their students.  He railed against the failed system of "due proces for adjudicating employee discipline issues.  Klein stressed the need to reform these practices that can take years to complete under the current system.

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