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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Political Correctness Strikes Again!

Although Christmas is a Federally recognized holiday--more and more school districts in America are genuflecting before anti-religious, anti Christian vocal minorities, and taking Christmas off of their district calendars.  My second year on our board, some folks thought that would be a good idea here in Escambia County.  I was proud to lead the charge in shutting that idea down!

The latest districts to not shut down the vocal minority and instead bow down, genuflect  and acquiesce to these ridiculous political correctness demands are in Maryland and Massachusetts.  From the Christian Science Monitor:

A Massachusetts school system voted Monday to adopt the name "holiday break" for its vacation that includes Christmas Day, a move that exposed tension between those who want to maintain tradition and those who want to emphasize inclusiveness.By a 3-to-2 vote, the Marshfield School Committee upheld a September decision to make the name change for the vacation that this year begins Dec. 24 and lasts until after New Year's Day. However, the word "Christmas" will remain on the official school calendar for Dec. 25...A "pro-Noel" petition, supporting the Christmas label, collected more than 4,245 signatures prior to the school committee's meeting.Committee chair Marti Morrison, who spearheaded the name change, said she still "loves Christmas" but wants to ensure that students are aware of differences...'Supposedly our whole country is based on religious freedom," Ms. Morrison said, according to the Boston Herald. "I certainly appreciate when people feel very strongly about their religious background, but as a school committee member, my job is to make decisions I believe are in the best interest of our town.' 

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