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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Andreas Schleicher's 57 Minutes at #EIE2014--The Video Every School Policy Maker Nationwide Should See!!

The single most impactful presentation at this year's #EIE14 summit, in my opinion, was the data-rich session moderated by German statistician Andreas Schleicher.

His stark assessment of where the U.S. stands in relation to other countries around the world with respect to educational outcomes for the monies expended was amazing..

Schleicher literally had the room of over 1,500 silent, you could hear a pin drop, as he went through his presentation.

At the table where I sat, our jaws dropped collectively at some of the information he presented, it was that compelling, it was outstanding.  And it was eye-opening.

Everyone in our country that is involved in ANY aspect of education should see this.  He does not pull punches, sugar coat pills, or soften the flawed aspects of our system--or any other system worldwide for that matter.  His presentation contained data that was compelling and accurate, data that could nnot be refuted.  He lets the data tell the story.

This is 57 minutes that will keep you mesmerized if you care about educating our future generations.

Full video is here  enjoy.

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