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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Florida Governor Rick Scott Visits Pensacola

Florida Governor Rick Scott stopped in Pensacola Saturday evening to thank supporters and to talk about the next four years in Florida and his agenda for continuing Florida's forward progress.  He was in the midst of a six stop trip around Florida, celebrating the huge conservative election victories nationwide and statewide.  Local small business success story, Global Business Solutions, Inc., hosted the event at their headquarters here in Pensacola.

Governor Scott discussed the crucial importance of K-12 Education in Florida, and committed to continuing the increases in funding to Florida's K-12 system over the next years that he will be in office.  In addition to discussing education, he reiterated his desire to keep adding jobs in Florida, as a driver of revenue to the state that will enable him to continue increase funding for worthy programs like education without raising taxes.  

In addition to prioritizing education funding, the Governor also recommitted to the goal of making Florida the most Military friendly state in the nation for both active duty and retired military personnel.  He recalled that when he was discharged from the Navy in 1974, the climate for military personnel was not good in Florida;  Scott stated that one of his big priorities as Governor was to ensure that Florida remains military friendly.

Scott also thanked the locally elected officials in attendance, including Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward,  Sheriff David Morgan, State Representative Mike Hill, Myself, and newly elected County Commissioner Doug Underhill.

He mentioned that crime in the state has been declining, and he noted that having strong  officeholders at the local level is a critical key for Florida's continuing strong performance in many areas.

In my brief conversation with the Governor, I congratulated him on his election victory, his conservative leadership, and I thanked him for continuing to make education a priority.

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