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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Devastating Loss is Coming to Organized Public Sector Unions via the United States Supreme Court.......

The five conservative justices on the United States Supreme Court appeared to side with California teachers that are tired of being forced to pay Union Dues to Teachers Unions that do not represent their individual views.  This was reported after the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case from Union lawyers and attorneys for teachers that want to opt-out of paying mandatory union dues.  This case, once it is ruled on sometime in June, will send shockwaves through the nation's blue states where many public-sector unions force all employees to pay dues. Friedrich v California Teachers Association will be one to watch closely...

From the LA Times

"The Supreme Court sounded ready Monday to deal a severe blow to public employee unions by striking down laws that require all workers to help pay for collective bargaining. In its tone and questioning, the argument resembled more of a congressional hearing at which Republicans took one position, Democrats argued the opposite, and there appeared little chance to sway either side.The court’s five Republican appointees strongly suggested they believe it is unconstitutional to force an objecting teacher from Orange County and millions like her to pay for union activities they do not support. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy described the mandatory fees as “coerced speech” that violates the 1st Amendment."

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