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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

School Recognition Bonus Money Strife, Part II

I've been contacted by several teachers now who are hating the process being utilized to distribute school recognition bonuses this year.  At one school which shall remain un-named, teachers are upset that the site administration is taking such a hands off, laissez-faire approach, which is resulting in teachers being pitted against teachers.  This is destroying morale and some teachers at some schools that typically receive their bonuses may not get theirs this year--due to the infighting that could lead to no plan being developed, which will result in only certain staff members getting award money---to the exclusion of other staff members.

From one teacher:

"We earned an A grade.  In making the decision on how the bonus money should be allocated, it has been put on teachers to make recommendations.  In doing this, teachers are hurting other teachers' feelings, faculty are not supporting each other as we once did.  Morale is down. There is disharmony of the biggest kind in the environment"  This teacher goes on to say "recommendations should have come from the admin and then teachers give input. I know there is nothing that can be done but our school is not a pleasant place to be right now..this makes my heart sad..ther's a huge lack of leadership here---very sad"

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