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Monday, April 18, 2016

Utter Rubbish, Garbage!

Like the heaping mound of trash being dumped in the above picture, the baseless
allegations and accusations of Karen Broughton and Ellison Bennett--- leveled at
school district personnel in the media today ---are nothing but a fetid, rancid pile of disgusting rubbish

What a load of garbage!   Everyone conveniently forgets about the victim in the unfortunate WFHS bus case from October of 2015; 

I care about all the students in our schools, and I care about this victim! Now we see a concerted effort afoot aimed at blaming the victim and the schools and the schools' leadership for problems none of us created, but we dealt with through appropriate processes and procedures.  Now these individuals, Karen Broughton and Ellison Bennett want to make this whole incident about race.  What garbage.

Listen to what the victim’s father, himself, had to say about the way the school board handled this unfortunate incident with his son.  

The victim in this case was African American, the alleged perpetrators were African American, the Bus Driver, the Dean, the School Resource Officer, and the Principal are all African-American------so how in the world this got twisted into a racial issue is perplexing and astonishing.

As to what I say to the baseless, inaccurate allegations and accusations hurled at me and the school district by Ellison Bennett and Karen Broughton in the PNJ story that will be out in print tomorrow---- Utter and complete rubbish.  Totally untrue, totally without merit.  Total Garbage.  Their allegations amount to nothing more than a steaming pile of rancid, disgusting, putrid garbage!  

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