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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Comments on the OLF8 Beulah Project at BCC Meeting 9-6-2016

Here were my comments during the public forum section of last night's special BCC meeting on the subject of the OLF8/OLFX land swap with the Navy, and the impacts on Beulah of the contemplated development of OLF8 into a commerce park.


LO said...

This reminds me of learning about the ethical theory of utilitarianism in my ethics course and the professor said, "What if it were really convenient to build a road so that many people can get to work on time, but that would mean demolishing an older home that had a lot of meaning to someone?" Then he added "What if it meant getting to a hospital quicker and saving lives? EMTs could cut their time in half, for example. According to utilitarianism, you choose the option that has the greatest benefit for the majority. Ha!

Fun stuff.

Jeff Bergosh said...

...but there are competing theories to utilitarianism...the Pereto analysis might point us in a different direction all together. This is why communication is critical with stakeholders. Sadly, I have attempted to go directly to the voters but have been told I cannot go door to door in Nature Trail. I attempted to call the HOA, and a secretary told me that a candidate forum in the Lodge at Nature Trail is not a possibility; a candidate, under certain condidtions and ONLY if one or more residents sponsor the candidate, may be permitted to set up a table down in the grass away from the lodge, tennis courts, and pool area------in order to address the residents.

I don't think I'll go fight the mosquitos, and the Nature Trail voters and residents lose out on hearing from all the candidates. Sad.

But I tried to reach out to them, I called and politely asked, and was treated curtly...