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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sixteen Months Part I

August 2015, Fish House Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser
On July 7, 2015 I pre-filed to run for the position of County Commissioner, District 1.  I did this knowing it would be a long and grueling campaign, a race that would last no less than 16 months...

August 2016, The Southpaw Grill, Primary election night victory celebration.
So now that I'm a good fourteen months into this evolution, and now that the primary election is behind me and the General Election is just 60 short days away, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on what it is like to run for office, to run a 16 month long campaign to win a seat on the Escambia County Commission.  I've walked to 8,627 houses personally, written more than 900 personal letters, raised over $50,000.00 in campaign contributions, and experienced some of the most memorable situations in my life thus far--all in pursuit of a victory on November 8th,  So over the next 60 days leading up to the General Election I
am going to look back on the last 14 months of my life and describe it here in detail---it has been interesting and if you have ever thought of running for office, you may not want to read this!  Or, maybe you will want to read about what it is like to do this.  It has been interesting.....

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