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Monday, May 8, 2017

Rawson Lane Part III: What Does the Traffic Study Show?

The entire Rawson Lane study can be read and analyzed by anyone who choses to look.  It is located here.

Some take aways from the document:

Question--"Will travel times for diverted trips be greatly increased for emergency services

(fire and medical)?"
Answer--"Because the first responder station (assigned to Rawson Lane – Fire Station 3

Brent) is located north of Airport Boulevard (SR 750) on W Street travel times for

emergency services should not be impacted."

Question-- Will travel times for diverted trips be greatly increased for former cut through

Answer--"According to the results of the travel time study of diverted trips for former cut-through

traffic should increase for the most popular NE-SW route at PM Peak hour.

This increase is largely due to the length of the alternative route and signal delays

that could be expected at PM peak hour. However, during the AM peak hour for

the NE-SW route and AM and PM peak hours for the NW-SE route travel times

slightly decrease when using the alternative routes [EMPHASIS ADDED]."

Question--Will overall residential neighborhood traffic levels and traffic on Rawson Lane,

increase or decrease post-closure?
Answer--"Because of the closure, cut-through traffic will no longer be able to use Rawson

Lane as a north/south route, and traffic levels should improve the level of service[EMPHASIS ADDED].

Intersection analysis indicated that the southbound approach at the Airport

Boulevard (SR 750)/Rawson Lane intersection is expected to improve from a LOS F

to LOS E under future traffic conditions. The northbound left-and-through

movement at the Airport Boulevard (SR 750)/Rawson Lane intersection is expected

to operate at LOS E during the PM peak hour. This movement is currently operating

at LOS F."

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