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Sunday, May 28, 2017

What is the Real Reason Why Special Interests HATE HB 7069?

Special interests hate HB 7069 for many reasons, primarily over school choice, charter expansion, and capital
millage revenue sharing---not the way special needs scholarship funding was added to the bill......

Newspaper Editorial Boards Statewide are using their collective bully-platforms to demonize a very good piece of legislation that is pro-student and pro-parent.  They desperately want Governor Scott to veto this bill.  They are putting on a full court press, including editorials like this one..

But very few of the folks that are so enraged by this bill actually bothered to read it before slamming it. Forget the faux -age about how various aspects of the bill became cobbled together into one train bill at the end of the session...Here is a news flash: This is common, and it is funny that nobody seems to complain when such bills contain provisions that are widely accepted. Nope. But when a bill ends up with many provisions that upset the status quo, suddenly this practice is an abomination! 

  The gnashing of teeth this produces when legislation that is profound and parent/student-centric comes through at the end of a session is ridiculous and incredible. But the fact of the matter is that this is often how the sausage is made and if you don't like it don't look into the butcher shop window in Tallahassee. 

 So the fact that the bill increases funding for Garder Scholarships for special needs students by $30 Million really makes these special interests angry? Really? or is it something else? 

 Being somewhat cynical and a bit of a skeptic myself-I believe the real animus comes from other aspects of the bill that really make the special interests angry. School Choice gets expanded, yes this is good. If a school is a failure for years and years on end, this bill contains a mechanism to insert competition from established high performing charters. 

This bill also expands Virtual School access--which is good for students and parents.

 Teacher Bonuses: Best and brightest awards for high-performing teachers and administrators, as well as all teachers statewide that are high-performing--yes the guardians of the status-quo HATE this and 7069 provides for these bonuses for the next three years to keep the most talented school employees in our schools. Unions hate this-- They want all things equal and ANY bonus will never be "fair." 

testing reform is included in the bill, and this is something every parent I ever spoke with in my 10 years on the local school board desperately wanted.

But the great, big granddaddy of it all, the real reason for the hatred of this bill, is that it forces equity in the distribution of capital funding for ALL public schools...right now Public Charter schools in most cases do not receive any of this locally generated funding.  This bill forces local districts to share revenue with locally established PUBLIC charter schools.  Yes, sadly (as is often the case with these issues) it comes down to money.... 
Follow the money trail to find out the real reasons why unions, liberals, and other special interest guardians
of the status-quo
in education hate SB 7069.........

So yes, this bill does so many good things but at the same time it upsets the apple cart, and this is the real reason it is hated. The idea that it is "the way" the Gardiner Scholarship increases were put in the bill -- (the red-herring straw man used by the media to focus the hatred on this bill from those who do not think deeply and do their own independent research) the idea that THIS is what is ginning up the hatred of the bill around the state--- is absolutely ludicrous. Dig deeper,  read the facts,  and don't buy into the propaganda.....

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