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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

On Good Morning Pensacola Today

I was just Interviewed by Don Parker and Jim Sanborn of 1370 WCOA about issues related to the budget, the ongoing tension with the Sheriff's office, and other issues of importance.  I was specifically asked about Thursday's meeting where we will discuss, once again, the LETF process that the State Attorney advised us to engage in. 

Interesting interview, with lots of dialogue on these subjects that constituents will want to hear.

Part I here

Part II here


Anonymous said...

I didn't hear this, so I appreciate it being placed here. Interesting interview with great thought on your part. I heard the sheriff's interview the next day. He sounds mad at you. He said he's moving to your district. Does he want to run against you? I thought he liked being sheriff. Also, he sounds irritated at don and Jim when they ask him any questions. He sighs, huffs, and is upset by questions. I get it that he has never liked the county commission or any commissioner. In the second half of his interview, he unloads on the fair's gm frenkel, again huffing about addressing no ecso deputies working there this year because it's a personal with frenkle. I don't understand the sheriff, does he get along with anyone? It'd be funny if he ran for the commission and you for sheriff, then he could give you a 3% raise. I don't think you'd complain. I think you're the kind of leader that would solve you're own issues. I suspect the Morgant would be arguing with his fellow commissioners and anyone/everyone else. God, his whining is hard to endure now, I'd go nuts listening to him on the commission. He doesn't work well with others/anyone. Being the sheriff seems easy compared to being a commissioner. I predict he runs again for sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Link the Sheriff's interview. It's funny listening to him sigh and cry ��