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Thursday, October 5, 2017

What is the True Story of Pay Increases over the Last 11 Years? #Factsmatter

  The BCC funded the ECSO for 3% salary increases in 7 of the last 11 years.

During the budget process we all endured recently leading up to our passage of a nearly $456 Million dollar budget on 9-26-2017--there had been many conflicting claims about the frequency of pay increases over the last 11 year period.

Some were saying ECSO deputies had gone 8 years with no pay increases funded by the BCC.

Sheriff Morgan told me the figure was 7 years where ECSO was not funded for pay increases.

Claims were conflicting, and extenuating circumstances, the recession, the oil spill, and other factors have contributed to a period of years where salary increases were not consistent.  How many years back were we going to find a total of 7 years where salary increases were not given?  I needed to know the truth and we need to put some perspective into the discussion.

So I have asked a series of pointed questions recently of our administration and payroll department because credibility counts, and #factsmatter.  The question was simple:

How many years, from 2007 to present, did the BCC fund the ECSO sufficiently such that 3% raises could be given to sheriff's deputies and other employees of the ECSO?

The answer is every year since 2007 with the exception of 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012.

or 7 of 11 years, or Graphically

2007-Money for 3% raise for ECSO funded by BCC*
2008-no raises, BCC or ECSO
2009-no raises, BCC or ECSO
2010-no raises, BCC or ECSO
2011-Money for 3% raise for ECSO funded by BCC*
2012-no raises, BCC or ECSO
2013-Money for 3% raise for ECSO funded by BCC
2014-Money for 3% raise for ECSO funded by BCC
2015-Money for 3% raise for ECSO funded by BCC
2016-Money for 3% raise for ECSO funded by BCC
2017-Money for 3% raise for ECSO funded by BCC

According to staff that have researched this thoroughly (because I have been persistent in my request for accurate, unassailable data) we have funded the ECSO for 3% salary increases in 7 of the last 11 years.  21% in funding pay increases over 11 years.  Not perfect, but not bad considering the

 calamities our community has endured over this same period (Great Recession, Oil Spill, Jail Explosion, Ice Storm, and 2014 Floods....)

In addition to these salary increases provided by the BCC, the PBA's contract has provisions which award pay increases at various points through the span of an officer's career.  According to Chief Deputy Eric Haines, with whom I met recently, a sheriff's deputy that completes a career with the office, if the education and training requirements described in the PBA contract are met, will receive a total of 25% in additional merit salary increases over the life of the addition to any salary increases as considered yearly by the BCC.

So even if the BCC is unable to give any raises ever, according to what I have read and what I have been told, a deputy who completes his service according to the PBA's contract will still experience a 25% pay increase through his/her career.

Now, just because the BCC funds the raises in the allocation does not mean the money was directed downward for raises. The Sheriff has the ultimate discretion, subject to negotiated labor agreements and state statutes, to use the money as he sees fit.  I am told that for 2007, a portion of the 3% raise money was utilized for paying raising health insurance costs, and for 2011, the 3% was awarded to the employees but was viewed by many as simply an offset to the State's 3% employee contribution employee deduction for retirement funds.

Be that as it may, we have funded the ECSO for salary increases in 7 of the last 11 years.  between 2007 and 2017--I see no evidence that there were 7 years with no pay increases.


Eric Haines said...

Commissioner it really would behoove you to fact check before you make your blog posts public...I'd love to respond but all this as well as your radio comments will be clarified in the Governor appeal. Your posts and audio will more than likely be their own exhibits in the appeal to show the lack of understanding and grasp of the facts by the commissioners.

Anonymous said...

As a BCC employee, I would agree with these numbers. If we received a raise, the SO received a raise.

Jeff Bergosh said...

Eric----By all means tell me if what the payroll staff and administration have given me as fact is not a fact. Is that not the CBA you all negotiated that I linked? Did you not tell me at our meeting recently about the CBA negotiated 25% increase in pay that occurs through the span of an officer's career if certain educational and training milestones are met? Also, by all means correct what you think I said anywhere in that blog post that is not factual. I'm standing by, awaiting your thorough and complete response. Remember, if you think I am not telling the absolute truth I would like to know that. I am going completely on what I have been told by administration and payroll personnel from the Clerk's office--why would they not give me accurate information Eric?

Eric Haines said...

Jeff Bergosh as I said, it will all be in the governor's appeal. I guess your last blog post was filled with facts as well? Those will all be corrected in the appeal as well. I don't know why the BOCC doesn't just cancel the salary study and let you tell us what we should make. Tell us Commissioner, what should a starting Deputy, Sergeant, and Lt. make?

Jimmie Lee Staley said...

A better question would be why is your Commander in Chief Sir David, so fiscally hypocritical? He gets the money. What does he do with it? The pay structure of the deputies is in place & is what you asked for--consideration of compression. There is good faith efforts spearheaded by Commissioner Bergosh, Chief Nonsense.

Can you answer my question or is a strong woman too much for you?