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Monday, November 26, 2018

Compromise Draft RFP for OLF 8 Keeps Jobs as the Focus

The Board of County Commissioners held a special meeting last week to work out a request for proposals document  (RFP) for the master-planning of OLF 8 that the Board, Navy Federal Credit Union, and nearby residents could all agree upon.

As I discussed in this blog post last week,  and as I was quoted in the PNJ's piece on this meeting from last week-- I felt the meeting went exceptionally well.

I was happy to see the board maintain jobs and job creation as a primary focus of this project going forward--as evidenced by the language regarding our Triumph Gulf Coast application being left in the final draft that the board unanimously approved at the conclusion of the meeting.

This working draft, which will guide the master planning process going forward (regardless of who pays for this--county or NFCU) is linked here.

I would encourage all who are interested in this project to give this document a read. 

As I said before, nobody gets everything they want in a compromise--but this compromise left the most important aspects of this project intact and as priorities--Jobs and the County's $30 Million Dollar Triumph Gulf Coast Grant---and it is for this reason this draft got my support.

Thursday of this week, the separate discussions between NFCU and the county will begin regarding NFCU's offer to pay for the master planning of the OLF 8 property.

I'll be following these discussions very closely, and reporting on them here on my blog.

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