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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blogging School Board Member Called Out by Local Teacher's Union

This is an interesting story, about free speech and how some people fight against it when it does not suit a particular agenda and/or point of view.

My thought is that Mrs. Day is right--free speech and The Constitution must prevail. Interestingly enough, Mrs. Day is seeking assistance from the ACLU in her scuffle with the local Teacher's Union. That's interesting. A balanced article on this same issue from the Detroit Free Press is published in today's edition. From the Detroit Free Press:

"The principle of freedom of speech trumps privacy rights, said Wayne State University constitutional law professor Robert Sedler. "She has the First Amendment right to comment to other people," Sedler said. "If the lawyer would try to get a court order to stop her from circulating this, the court would refuse to intervene." Writings published on a private listserv aren't protected from disclosure, Sedler said. "The listserv is public enough. It was circulated," he said. "The First Amendment encourages a robust exchange of ideas."
Howell Board of Education President Ed Literski said the school board has no authority to order Day to stop publishing material on her blog."

Full article here:

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Anonymous said...

Conservatives: Free speech for everyone.
Liberals: Free speech for everyone except those who are conservative.

Seems the possible pejorative terms are reversed, eh.