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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Minutes of School Board Meeting, 12-16-2008

Minutes of Board Meeting12-16-08
I am posting these minutes to expedite information dissemination. Much more complete and detailed minutes will be posted in 4-6 weeks on the school district’s website. In the mean time, these minutes are what I feel were the big “takeaways”, a macro look at my impression of the meeting. These are condensed, abbreviated, shortened, and to the point.

Meeting convened at 5:36 PM

All Board Members present.

Pledge of Allegiance led by 5th Grade Student Shelby Warner from Ferry Pass Elementary School

PTA Presentation—given by Cindy Gerhardt

Stellar Employee Recognition—Lana Teague, Admin Clerk II, Jim Allen Elementary

Public Forum: 2 Speakers total

1 Speaker wants district to roll the steps on the teacher pay scale and also he wants teachers from out of state who come back from retirement to teach to be treated, pay scale wise, the same as Florida teachers who retire and come back to teach.

1 Speaker extremely upset about a bus issue, wants district to do a better job communicating with upset parents

Rule adoptions:

1. Revisions to School District Chapter 3, School Operating Procedures, adopted by 5-0 vote.

2. Revisions to School District Chapter 4, Instruction, adopted by 5-0 vote.

3. Addition of School District Rule 6Gx17-7.18-Policy Against Bullying and Harassment, adopted by a 5-0 vote.

Permission to advertise rules for adoption:

1. Revisions to School District Chapter 2, Human Resources Services, approved for advertisement by 5-0 vote

2. Revisions to School District Chapter 7, Student Affairs, approved for advertisement by 5-0 vote

Administrative Appointment—Mrs. Shelly Cox promoted from teacher, N.B. Cook Elementary School, to Assistant Principal, N.B. Cook Elementary School.
Approved by 5-0 vote

4 sets of November Board Meeting Minutes Approved

Entire Consent Agenda Approved.

All Curriculum items approved

All Finance items approved

All Purchasing items approved

(I pulled item 19, “My Kid Scoop”, and a discussion ensued about the merit of this program compared with the $45,000.00 price tag. I lobbied against this purchase, as I felt that $45,000.00 could be better spent on other more beneficial educational items-- rather than being spent buying newspapers for the parents of Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students. I also voiced concerns about this program being up and running for 4 months without board authorization, with a vote to pay the vendor coming to the board only after the fact. Item 19 passed with a 4-1 vote, with me being the lone “no” vote.)

All Operations items approved(Entire Consent Agenda was meticulously covered and discussed at length during a thorough 4.5 hour board workshop held during the morning/early afternoon of 12/12/2008)

Board voted unanimously, 5-0, to accept the superintendent’s recommendation regarding the following:

Student recommendations

10 Students Expelled

1 for sexual misconduct
1 for an armed robbery off-campus during non-school hours
4 for possession of dangerous objects (knives/razor blades) on school premises
1 for possession of alcohol on school property
3 for possession of drugs on school property

Employee recommendations

1 Employee terminated
1 Employee suspended

Meeting adjourned at 6:16.

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