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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Escambia County Teacher's Union 1, Escambia School Board 0

One of the largest pieces of the savings puzzle hobbled together by the School District last spring (in the face of an unprecedented budget shortfall) was the 3.2 million dollar savings to be garnered by having High School Teachers teach 6 of 7 classes versus what they had been teaching (5 out of 7 classes).

The Escambia County Teacher's Union, the EEA, felt that this was an item that needed to be bargained-- and filed a ULP against the district with the Florida Public Employees Relations Commission.

This past Friday afternoon, the PERC website posted the Hearing Officer's Recommended Order. Here it is:

The question now is---where are we going to get the savings achieved by this action if we have to reverse the policy?

This will become a big issue going forward, and the budget impications are huge.

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