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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The "Jelly Doughnut" Discipline Model part II

The Santa Rosa Press-Gazette wrote an editorial about the proposed policy in Escambia County to require all students who participate in sports to purchase additional insurance, regardless of whether or not these student athletes already have good insurance. I am obviously not thrilled with this concept, and from the below editorial it seems as though the writers of this piece do not favor the proposed idea either...

From the Santa Rosa Press-Gazette:

"At issue: a concept in which every student taking part in sports would be required to have insurance. Now that, by itself, is not a bad idea. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for contact sports to result in the occasional injury though, historically, few of them are serious.Where we raise our eyebrows is at the point when the school system there says it has “negotiated” coverage and not only must every participant be insured, but they must be insured with the policy the school board negotiated. We’re all for the school board negotiating to reach the least expensive policy possible for the students it serves, but in the end, that policy must be an “option” and not a “mandate.”"..In the end, the parent that followed the rules, the parent that did everything the system asked of them ends up being penalized by being forced to carry two insurance policies. The other parent, the one that did not secure insurance, that thumbed their nose at the request, suddenly has an entire board out there negotiating on their part. And, of course, the “forced participation” on the part of those parents that followed the rules and now must carry two policies, ends up subsidizing the parents that did not."

read the full article here

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