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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Memo to Joel E. Chandler....Motion for Summary Judgement Denied (Reee-Jected!)

Joel E. Cahndler of Lakeland has been attempting to get the personal information on emplyees (and their minor dependent children) in school districts around the state for more than a year now. Some districts immediately complied. Escambia did not, instead we requested a deposit upfront from Chandler with an explanation that after the deposit was received the Escambia district legal staff would look into the issue to see if the information could be legally released.

No deposit check ever came. No information on minor dependents was released by Escambia County.

During the last legislative session, more protections were put into law to shield and maintain the privacy of minor dependent children.

Manatee county took an even more proactive approach than Escambia County and filed for an opinion in circuit court on the matter. The Judge ruled against Chandler's motion for summary judgement. Motion denied. Have a Nice Day!

Interestingly--this judge did not make his ruling based upon the records law being at odds with HIPAA. A previous AGO would not delve into that question either. sooner or later that question needs to be answered.

In the mean time, Mr. Chandler has lost this round.

Like a weak guard running up the key for a lay-up, only to be met by a thunderous stuff by Lebron James, Like that trombone player in the famous footage from the Stanford/Cal Football game ("the play") who comes on the field too early after a kickoff and gets slammed by the player with the ball, Like Clyde Drexler and Walt Frazier say in the cheesy "just for men" haircolor commercial (describing a guy's advances on a woman at a bar being rebuked) ....Ree-Jected!

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