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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Florida Schools Now Rank #5 in the Nation--Thanks to Bold Policy Initiatives From Conservative Leadership

Florida education has been steadily improving over the last decade, in large part due to excellent student achievement, parental involvement, and effective teachers.  But data driven accountability measures that Florida has instituted beginning in the late 1990s have also factored into the recent surge in the rankings.  In 2008, Florida ranked 10th, in 2009, Florida ranked 8th.  This year, Florida is #5. 

The conservative education policies of the Florida Legislature, and leadership over the past 12 years from the Governor's office, have helped this ranking to be achieved.  Amazing how these policies are paying dividends and yielding tremendous results, even as these same policies are constantly under attack from unions, entrenched special interests, and those on the left.

Watch as the union in Florida attempts to step in front of this achievement, smile for the photo op, and hijack the credit for this.


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