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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Three Interesting Education Stories From Around the USA

Floridians who read this story about Education Reform Plans In Idaho will have deja-vu --this story very similar to SB6 debate from last spring.

This is interesting.  The Huffington Post, the bastion of Liberal Ideals, Gives their hero Barack Obama an
"F-" on his education policies.  (Maybe that's why of all of Obama's ideas and policies, his education policy is one area where we have agreement--charters, choice, merit pay, and data driven accountability systems)

The long term Cost-Benefit of the tremendously expensive pre-K programs takes center stage in this piece from Indiana.  Governor Daniels wants to focus the limited resources on existing K-12 programs, with less emphasis on pre-k.  Educrats and many on the left do not like this.....

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