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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some Escambia District Athletic Teams Shine in Academics in Statewide Comparison

From the FHSAA website

  "What is the FHSAA Academic Team Champion Program? 

 The FHSAA Academic Team Champion recognition program honors teamwork not only in competition, but in the classroom as well. The program recognizes teams in each of the Association’s sanctioned and recognized sports, naming an Academic Team Champion in each classification"

Highlights from Escambia County: 
5 Escambia School District teams (in any sport) are listed on the website. Three Escambia School District Teams (2 girl/1 boy) are listed in the top ten. Four of the Escambia School District teams are "girl" teams. One of the Escambia School District team is a "boy" team.
 (Girl) Tate Cheerleading with a 3.339 GPA ranked 4th statewide in 2A Cheerleading.
 (Girl) Escambia Softball with a 3.094 GPA ranked 14th statewide in 6A Softball.
 (Girl) Washington Girls Tennis with a 3.925 GPA (4 team members) ranked 1st statewide in 4A Tennis. (Girl) Escambia Girls Tennis with a 3.084 GPA (4 team members) ranked 29th statewide in 4A Tennis. (Boy) Escambia Baseball with a 3.112 GPA ranked 11th statewide in 6A Baseball (96 teams).

 Unfortunately, this amazing accomplishment goes unnoticed by most.....

 (NOTE-Santa Rosa County was extremely well represented on these lists, as was Pensacola Catholic High School)

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