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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Smart Snacks in Schools Response: Georgia and Tennessee Get it Right-Florida Joins Other Sheeple-States with Inaction.

I have a deep resentment for the recent massive federal intrusion into school fundraising actions going on right under our noses today. I think it is a ridiculous over-reach-- essentially implemented at the behest of an unelected, non-office holding first-lady. (I hold no animosity toward Mrs. Obama, I just don't feel it is her place to set snack guidelines for school fundraisers, that's our jobs locally as parents and LOCALLY ELECTED school policymakers)

But  When I saw this article this morning in politico, It helped to validate my position on this issue;  I am impressed with the response to this federal over-reach that at least 11 states have shown--particularly Georgia and Tennessee.  from the Georgia Board of Education quoted in this article:

"These new federal guidelines limiting food and beverage fundraisers are an absolute overreach of the federal government,” said Georgia State Board of Education Chair Helen Rice and Superintendent John Barge when they announced their policy. “Tough economic times have translated into fewer resources and these fundraisers allow our schools to raise a considerable amount of money for very worthwhile education programs. While we are concerned about the obesity epidemic, limiting food and beverage fundraisers at schools and school-related events is not the solution to solving it.”

That so many lemmings simply shrug their shoulders and accept this is a telling display of apathy from individuals who should understand the downside to this; I've discussed it over, and over, and over-and I've talked about it to whomever will listen and I've brought the issue up at our board meetings.

I even spoke to and corresponded via email with the head of the Florida Department of Agriculture on this issue, and when I spoke to her -I had the sense that Florida would come up with at least some common-sense approach to dealing with the fundraiser issue in a manner that does not cripple the fundraising abilities of minor sports participants.

Thus far, however, Tallahassee is silent.....meaning like the sheeple in at least 30 other states their inaction will force us into the position of swallowing this rule whole.  This rule implementation will serve to act as a de facto tax increase on poor and lower middle class families that utilize fundraisers to defray the costs for their children's participation in minor sports. That's the big problem. 

Unfortunately, nobody seems to be too interested in this issue. Florida included.  Sad.

I wonder if the response would have been this impotent had the feds said snack bars at FOOTBALL games on School Property had to comply with the these "smart snack" rules?  Who knows, because our collective response to this has been so damn anemic, maybe that will be what comes next....Imagine that?  No more chili-cheese fries, sausage dogs, hamburgers, and candy sold at football and baseball games--imagine what NOT selling those items at games would do to football team and band budgets?  These items are all still "Allowed" even though they occur on school property--but what if the next step is saying no to these sales as well?

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