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Friday, July 4, 2014

First Lady's Campus Food Crackdown is Upon Us....

As I've mentioned here, here, and here-I do not believe that we as a district have to follow rules about what outside clubs sell on campus for fundraising purposes--outside of the cafeteria and outside of the lunch hours.

Other districts throughout the country are saying no more to this massive federal intrusion that is a de-facto tax increase on poor and  middle class families as they try to raise money for their students' athletic participation by selling candy.

Now, in an even bolder move aimed at total control of campus meals, comes word that the feds are going to go after what a student's parents pack in their own childrens' lunchbox!!

From an article appearing in today's U.S. Finance Post:

"As a result of the new menu choices, some parents have opted to return to making their children’s lunches for school so the parents can have control over the food their children eat.
However, the Obama administration is now taking aim at food brought into the school by children. Under the federal guidelines, schools are being pressured to prevent fruit drinks and soda from being eaten in the cafeteria, including those brought by students from home...if teachers saw a student with a soda, even if it was brought from home, that “they are to inform them they are not allowed to drink it in the cafeteria or on campus."

What the hell is going on in our country when we allow an  un-elected person tell us what we can pack in our own kids' lunchboxes??!!

I'm packing Mt. Dew in my kids' lunches the first week of school next year in protest--let someone, anyone try to tell them they can't drink it if I say they can!!  This is America, not a Communist regime!!

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