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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Boom: FEA, FSBA, and NAACP Lawsuit Against Choice Dismissed!


Education Establishment 0    Students, Parents, Taxpayers  1

In what can only be described as a devastatingly bad loss for establishment, bureaucratic educational guardians of the status quo, a Leon County Circuit Judge did what many expected, he dismissed the case against the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program.  

Florida Students, Parents, Taxpayers, and genuine proponents of School Choice are the winners today!

From the Miami Herald:

"Opponents of a controversial law that directs would-be tax dollars to private schools suffered a setback Monday as a Leon County judge threw out a legal challenge to its constitutionality. Circuit Judge George Reynolds III ruled that the Florida Education Association, Florida School Boards Association and other plaintiffs had no legal standing to bring the case against the nation’s largest private school choice program. His rationale: The way the program is funded, often referred to as a “voucher” system, doesn’t use government vouchers at all. Rather, Reynolds stated, the multimillion-dollar program gets its income from corporations who receive tax credits for giving money to an outside organization that provides scholarships to lower income students. Those students — about 70,000 of them and growing, with the greatest share in Miami-Dade —— then attend private schools, most of them religious. In other words, it’s not state money."

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