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Friday, May 15, 2015

Newpoint: 1:30 Today is Discussion Time

I have fielded dozens of emails about Newpoint, many of which describe conditions at district schools that hastened a decision to choose Newpoint over traditional schools.

The closure decision will be made Tuesday evening at the Board's regular meeting, but a significant discussion of this issue is slated to occur today at 1:30.  The decision was made to make this a time-certain 1:30 so that once discussion on this item begins, it can continue until completion, for continuity.

I have many questions that I'll be asking.   Many will be uncomfortable yet necessary.


Anonymous said...

When will the video of this meeting be online? I am looking forward to viewing it!

Jeff Bergosh said...

The video link is here:

Then, go to part VII, 2 of 2. The first 30 minutes is important.

Anonymous said...

Oh my - you said "irregardless." That is not a word. Otherwise, great job!

Jeff Bergosh said...

Anon--thank you for the complement, and you are probably right about my word choice.Irregardless, sometimes I use non-standard English. This article talks about this topic