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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cox Heroes Awards-An AMAZING Night!

Yesterday afternoon the folks from Cox Communications honored some exceptional district students.

The very nicely conducted ceremony was held in UWF's conference center, and included students, parents, dignitaries from government, and staff from Cox Communications.

4 of the 5 members of the Escambia County School Board, as well as Deputy Superintendent of Schools Norm Ross attended this very memorable ceremony.

A total of 47 students and their families were recognized.  Tears were flowing throughout the room.  People in my row, myself included, were swallowing hard and wiping tears from our eyes--these stories were soooooo touching...

One student was born with half of a heart and has had to endure multiple open-heart surgeries.  Several students had major, life altering debilitating disabilities.  Several students have lost family members.

One young student, when it was announced that he had lost his older brother, started to break down on the stage.  I broke down with him in the was heart-wrenching watching this young

 man try to maintain his composure, I'll never forget him.

One student came to America in 4th grade, not speaking a word of English.  Now, she is a top student in her school, gives speeches to full houses in English,  and is going to the IB program in the fall.

These students display for all of us the courage and determination to succeed, despite the setbacks life throws in all of our paths.  I commend all the students that were honored, and I thank Cox Communications for their continuing support of this event.

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