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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Blue Penny Plan

I've put together a plan, just a discussion starter, for potentially addressing our current Budget issue with the Escambia County Sheriff's Office.

Tomorrow morning I will present this plan to my peers on the board and to staff and the public.

The plan will require cooperation, coordination, and a will to move forward together.

The plan will require a lift from our legislative delegation, which will require the BCC and the ECSO to cooperate toward making this happen.

I look forward to discussing this--but I'm not married to the language, I don't have a pride of authorship mentality about it, and there are and will be ample opportunities to adjust percentages and dollar amounts in this plan based upon discussions between staff, the BCC and the ECSO going forward.

------But if we work together we can put together a pay scale augmentation fund for ECSO--over and above a stabilized base budget with yearly adjustments,  of up to $7 Million over 5 years, $10 Million over 7 years.

Here's the thing:

I'd much rather work together with ECSO rather  than maintaining an adversarial relationship with them, so I offer this as a start to a better working relationship, an olive branch.

See the PowerPoint presentation I will bring to tomorrow morning's meeting  here

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Anonymous said...

I'm certainly in favor of a plan that is paid for by visitors versus another tax - or an increased tax - on local property owners. Visitors reap the benefits and use the services of local law enforcement and related emergency services and should be expected to contribute to the cost of providing the services.