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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

On WCOA This Moring

I always appreciate the opportunity to come on the radio to discuss topics of interest with the listeners of AM 1370 WCOA.

Today's topics on "Good Morning Pensacola" included the following:

--Massive traffic gridlock in Beulah during construction on Mobile Highway--what caused it, what can be done to ameliorate this problem

--Weapons being fired near Wymart Road near West Florida High School--with bullets turning up in the bottom of pools, in people's cars, etc.   Who is doing this shooting?

--Our Budget situation, and can/will the Governor force the BCC to raise tax rates to pay Sheriff Morgan's budget demand?

--Our recent sign ordinance discussion, and issues surrounding the degree to which a recent supreme court ruling has limited our ability to regulate signs locally

--Priorities going forward as I assume the chairmanship on November 30th.
                   --efficiency of time in meetings
                   --civility in our process

--The ruling allowing Sean's Outpost to continue to operate in the Satoshi Forest area

hear the entire interview here

I always enjoy being asked to come on the radio, and I appreciate WCOA for having me on the show on a regular basis


Anonymous said...

Sorry Jeff, David Gilmour has far better solos than Yngwie.
As a person who enjoys recreational shooting I too am concerned that people are using this pit in an irresponsible manner. Did anybody photograph the unit numbers from the sheriff's deputy's vehicles and ask the sheriff's department if the deputies were on duty or responding to a call at the time?

Jeff Bergosh said...

No question that David Gilmour is fantastic, always did like Pink Floyd. I'm more of an Yngwie, Tony McAlpine, Vinnie Moore kind of fan. Meltdown is an amazing instrumental that I wore the grooves out of as a kid when I had that on Vinyl...About the shooting--we are fortunate that we have five vehicles filmed, three of which were ECSO vehicles. I turned over the photos to the ECSO so hopefully they will do an investigation to figure out who was shooting there and why.