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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Could it be a Lucky's Market?

Could Pensacola's Ever-man Foods be facing new competition from an established, Organic Foods Grocer setting up shop out in Beulah?

As the community of Beulah in District 1 continues to grow, I have wondered about what chain grocery store is looking to open in Beulah. I know something is coming based upon the information I posted last month.  I've spoken to folks I know that are familiar with Winn Dixie, and so far as I understand it, they are not opening a new store in the Pensacola Area.  With two stores apiece on Nine Mile Road already, it is doubtful that either Publix or WalMart will open a third store on the same road. Everman foods recently expanded their downtown store--I doubt they are considering opening another one.  Barnes has closed down, and Greer's supermarket opened a new location earlier this year down on Bauer Road--not sure if they are looking for another store close to the Alabama border (I guess they could be, but I doubt they would be building a new facility vice leasing an already constructed facility.).

I'm not familiar with any other grocery stores looking to open a new location.

So who is coming out to Beulah?  What Grocery Store?

After I posted that a new grocery store was coming to Beulah, complete with several outparcels that may include additional restaurant options for our community (I live here too!)--this generated much discussion on the Facebook "Beulah Scoop site"  So, I decided to ask some questions of some other folks I know and to look on the internet for additional clues. 

In researching some grocery companies that are currently expanding in Florida, I came across Lucky's  Market.  They are a grocery chain founded by two chef's in Colorado back in 2003.  They have an interesting website that lists a lot about their philosophy and culture.  They are focused on organic foods that are "good."  from their website  " "If you don’t want to eat things like pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones, you shouldn’t have to. Natural and organic food shouldn’t be priced out of your reach"

This company opened a brand new store in Panama City just last month, and a recent Tampa Bay Tribune article indicated Lucky's is looking to open 6 more stores in Florida over the next 18 months--although Pensacola was not listed as one of the locations in this article.  But I also know sometimes locations can be added or deleted as these location decisions are finalized.

Could this company, Lucky's Market,  have an eye on Beulah for their next location?  With Navy

 Federal Credit Union expanding here, with tremendous numbers of new homes being constructed in Beulah, with the demographics changing in this part of Pensacola with an influx of many new, young, and health-conscious families--could a niche store like Lucky's Market do well here?

I know from a consumer's standpoint that more choices equals better opportunities for customers so I guess we will all see soon enough.  I look forward to having additional dining choices in Beulah, as I have expressed many times online.  Perhaps several upscale dining choices will come along with the new Grocery store I hope!


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what new store may be coming to Beulah but Ever’man announced last year that they purchased property at 1000 E. Nine Mile Road for a new store. A county zoning notice was posted at the location last time I looked.

George Daigh said...

Hello, I own a business called Planned Grocery® that tracks grocery store development activity. With the recent news that Lucky's has actually signed a lease in Pensacola I was googling around trying to figure out the exact site. Just curious if you have heard anything? Thanks