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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bellview Ballpark Renaissance

It began last year with a concerted effort by the County's Parks and Recreation Department to work on modernizing, cleaning, and upgrading Bellview Park off of Longleaf Drive.  Crews came in, trash was cleared, a new Scoreboard was installed at the football field for the Bellview Packers, and the baseball fields were re-sodded, cleaned and painted.

Now, I'm told we are getting interested travel teams and other baseball and softball programs (the number of which had declined sharply in recent years due in large part to the condition of the facility) coming back to Bellview.

As an example of this, a High School softball game and a High School baseball game were scheduled this week in the evening on the same night;  East Hill Christian High had these two remodeled (pictured above) diamonds rented for their baseball and softball games -and they have several games scheduled here this year. 

The complex has also been rented a lot over the last several weeks with youth baseball season approaching-a far cry from 1-2 years ago with very little activity at this park.

Kudos to Michael Rhodes and the county parks department for sparking this renaissance!

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