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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Sheriff Says NO to BCC LETF Request for Drug Patches....

Sheriff Morgan to the Commissioners "I will not entertain any requests initiated by EBOCC or its staff for LET funds unless and until the commission's $250,000.00 discretionary fund is completely exhausted"

In a brief , terse one-page letter we received from Sheriff Morgan this week, The Corrections Office of the BCC was denied a request for $5,000.00 from the County Law Enforcement Trust Fund (LETF) for drug patches for inmates given probation.

In a recent BCC meeting, it was suggested that this request be made of the sheriff, as there is no doubt this would be an allowable expenditure as it is a 100%  a drug abuse prevention and safe neighborhood item.  But this modest, inexpensive request was summarily denied in the letter (below)

Knowing this request would likely be rejected, I went ahead and funded $5,000 toward these patches from my discretionary funds last month, and I will spend more if necessary for this worthwhile program that helps the judges and helps inmates stay out of our jail and stay clean and sober.


Anonymous said...

I am in no way surprised by the response from the Sheriff. As part of his continued "pissing contests" he again forces tax payers to foot the bills versus using drug confiscated funds to foot the bill. Meanwhile, he continues to use these drug funds to pander for votes. It's past time to send David Morgan back to the role of citizen Morgan.......

Jeff Bergosh said...

I'm not totally surprised either, but a part of me did hope he would at least consider this request--as it is an expenditure that benefits the community and really helps those on probation not relapse back into drug use. I'm told we also made a request that the Sheriff partially fund the SRO program with a grant from the LETF (which is allowable and would save General Fund dollars for the Sheriff--so he could then utilize those monies to give raises, etc..)I can only imagine what that rejection letter will look like when it comes back our way.. But there were voices on the BCC that wanted this approach tried, so we did it.

Anonymous said...

More and more taxpayers are not only basing their opinions on emotional reactions, they are also looking at the law. I know you are well aware of this, but so are some citizens.

Just a simple cry of "we support law enforcement" which of course most do, is no longer a reason to allow past practices to remain.

The government in Tallahassee is involved. I think it is good that the budget dispute has gone beyond the county level.

In this particular case, an argument that the BOCC has discretionary funds themselves holds no water to NOT fund this good purpose for public safety. To me, the letter from the sheriff only further demonstrates his lack of maturity and leadership qualities.

Of course law enforcement needs our support and it is especially disturbing to see many killed in the line of duty. It is important to scrutinize the problems and call them for what they are.

But many are watching the BOCC's spending also.

Good Government is what we support from all our constitutional officers.

Anonymous said...

You are doing the right thing on the patches. Good job.