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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Initial Arena LOI and Financial Analysis Request on Tomorrow's Agenda

As I stated last week at the Committee of the Whole meeting, and as I discussed here, I am bringing forward a request on tomorrow's regular meeting agenda to do two things.

1.) Authorize staff to move forward with obtaining an independent financial analysis of the Arena and Field-House proposal and

2.) Seek board approval of an initial Letter Of Intent to move forward with the project in order to signal to Triumph Gulf Coast that the BCC is interested in this project and willing to move forward under the right conditions and subject to certain contingencies.

The well-written agreement, which fully protects the county's position while treating PADP fairly and clearly articulating to Triumph that Escambia County is truly interested in the $25 Million Dollar "Ask" we have submitted to that body--is below.  It is time to fish or cut bait.

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Anonymous said...

Was this just a time filler and Grovers exit a political maneuver to rearrange the agenda and put the Add on in the middle, which caused The Beach Congestion Plan to be pushed later? The Good Ole Boy vote was pushed to 11 PM? What were you all thinking? Please be fiscally conservative and use common sense. This should go away too. It's like going out to buy something because you have a coupon. Cut bait. Fish? No -- park the boat.

We did read the transcripts..insite into thought patterns, election years and such..Come on. Vote with common sense.