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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big Education Reform Stories of the Week

Last week there were some very good education stories around the USA, and these below are some of the more interesting ones, in my opinion.

Kansas Watchdog Group Wants Florida Style Reforms
Group cites Florida's numerous successes over the last ten-year period

Tennessee--Movement Afoot to Eliminate Teacher's Unions?
Collective Bargaining bill would gut union powers

Florida Principal--Teacher's Unions Portrayal as "Villains" in Film "Pretty Much Accurate"

School Misbehavior:  Due to Boring Lessons
Uh, well maybe partially..

Washington Power Grab--Is This The End of School Boards

NIH Study-ECE delivers 18% Return on Investment
Yeah, I'm a little skeptical of this one...

Union Leader Uses "School Board Study" to Rail Against Property Tax Rate Cap
A union using another group as human shields to support an unpopular position, and this is perfectly fine, right?

Time to Fix No Child Left Behind?
Okay, next year the really tough sanctions and reporting data will come out showing just how badly U.S. schools are doing, so let's "fix this" bill now so next year's numbers and percentages don't look so bad....

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