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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unions Will Not Like This--But What Took So Long For the Legislature to Do It?

If I am a conservative, republican teacher in a county of Florida, but want what I feel will be the benefit of teacher's union membership-- why should I have to watch a huge portion of my dues money be spent on liberal, democratic causes and candidates at the federal, state and local levels by union political activists within my "association"?  Answer--I shouldn't have to deal with this as an issue.

And a Florida senator has a fix that makes sense to minimize or eliminate the above scenario for tens of thousands of teachers throughout Florida.

This Freshly submitted bill By Senator John Thrasher has the Public Employer Unions of Florida in a real panic.  Sen Thrasher's bill will preclude a public employer (like our school district) from collecting dues of their members from payroll deductions, and will also make unions give back the portions of members' dues that are used for political activities----unless an individual employee has given specific written permission for his/fer individual dues to be used in this manner.  Good luck to the unions in trying to herd the cats in a scramble to get waiver's signed...

Translation--collecting that $50-60 monthly from teachers is going to become a bit more tricky--I mean, $50 per month is not a lot, but if a member has to take the time to write a check and mail it in--well, maybe some are not going to be that diligent and will go have a nice meal out at Chili's instead with the $50. 

Maybe the unions should consider establishing collections departments, they can call them something nifty like "association member relations coordinators"  Pretty funny!

But what happens for The Florida Teacher's Union's power (currently in the top ten of all states in money collected) if suddenly the lion's share of their money can no longer be used to support political candidates at the national level like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Rangell, Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank, etc. ? 

Loss of money spending ability for FEA = Loss of Power, clout, and standing within the NEA.

So everyone thought the Florida teacher's union HATED SB6 last year?  Their hatred of that bill will look like "a fond embrace" compared to how they will feel about Thrasher's new bill.  The all out war against this will be coming, make no mistake about it!

The sad thing is the union will try to say this bill is somehow harmful to the children, and will rally the minions in support of defeating this bill as they did last year with Senate Bill 6.  This is all about Power and Influence, and nothing else, period.

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