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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where Does All of That Lottery Money Go? Part I

The question comes up frequently, and the answer is that the majority of the $22+Billion that the lottery has kicked in to Florida Schools since the late '80s has gone into the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program and a part of the lottery money goes to School Recognition funding.

The Bright Futures program accounts for the lion's share of the lottery money.  I'll go into that in detail in part II.  The recognition awards go to the individual schools through their respective districts.  The table above shows which Escambia Schools got this money for last school year.

Essentially, if you maintain a n A school average or improve a letter grade or more over the previous year--you get an award.  The award is calculated by multiplying your student count by $75.00. 

School Staff and the School's Advisory Council determine, by a vote, how each school will spend the money.  More than 90% typically goes into the pockets of the teachers as one time bonuses.

Examples from this year.

The staff at West Florida High School spent their money as follows: (According to Principal Eric Smith)

$7,838.50 (8% of the funds) to be reserved to purchase various resource materials and equipment for the classroom.

$89,411.50 (92% of the funds) were spent on bonuses for teachers, administration, administrative support staff, custodians, cafeteria workers, SRO, and medical staff.

Jim Bailey Middle School spent their money as follows: (According to Principal Dr. Judy Pippen)

$6,200.00  (5.5% of the funds)  were spent on school supplies

$102,813.00 (94.5%) will be given to teachers and staff as bonuses

Although the majority of these funds statewide go directly into the pockets of teachers as bonuses--these funds can be used for a variety of purposes.  The complete description of how these funds can be used is here

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