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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interesting Education Reform Stories From Across the USA from Last Week

Here were some intriguing stories from last week...

OOOPs-Superintendent Cannot Produce Open Records Claim for Emails--Entire Mailbox "Deleted" 
uh-oh, damage control time..

Florida-Union In an All-Out Panic Over New Bill Which Hampers Their Political Spending Ability
Panic is setting in big-time within public-sector unions over SB830
Pop-Star Prince Giving Big Money to Arts Education
Very Cool
Kansas' Plans Could Result in Forfeiture of $26Million in Federal Special Ed Funding
someone's gonna get rolled for this misstep...
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels Education Reforms-"A Mitch-Slap" to Teacher's Unions
A Lawmaker coined that phrase--Imagine that!

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