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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

War on School Choice Part IV: Lawsuit to be Filed Seeking the Dismantling of Opportunity Scholarships in Florida

FSBA Lawsuit plays large part in stunning defeat of current FSBA president and FSBA president-elect in Last Night’s primary elections…

As I have previously written here, here, and here—it appears as if school choice is under a concerted attack not only here in Florida -but also all over America. 

School choice is the future of public education, though, and I strongly support it as do most concerned parents and a small number of elected board members here in Florida.

Now comes word that the leading state advocacy associations, led by the Florida School Boards Association (FSBA),  are planning an expensive and protractedlawsuit to attempt to kill the opportunity scholarships for state students who are disabled and/or poverty stricken. 

What a foolish thing to do.

These programs are wildly popular and the students, primarily poor minority students of color, benefit greatly from such programs.

And all taxpayers benefit, as the cost per pupil in these programs runs about 50% of the cost per pupil in the traditional public school systems.

But the guardians of the status-quo want this program killed; they want the FTEs and the money that follows the students….

So many parents are reacting, sending emails like this one and this one-that policy-makers better pay heed.  I answered the emails I received and I told the parents I support school choice!

A backlash is forming statewide, with some sitting board members around the state calling upon the FSBA to stop this lawsuit they plan to file tomorrow.
Incumbent FSBA President defeated

And In an amazingly stunning rebuke to the FSBA in last night’s primary election, both the sitting president and president-elect of the FSBA, Karen Disney-Brombach and Diane Smith, were  voted out of office.

  This is an absolutely astonishing occurrence, something that should send the following clear message to all sitting school board members and administrators statewide---- and especially the leadership at FSBA: 

1.) Put children, parents, and taxpayers first, and
2.) Listen to your constituency-- NOT the lobbyists and special interests!

--otherwise you, too, might be ousted in the next election.

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