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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Newpoint: North Carolina Asking Questions about Newpoint Issues Here Prior to Newpoint Schools opening There.....

...Apparently there are several pending applications by Newpoint for schools in North Carolina.

An administrator with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has requested the electronically available public records pertaining to Escambia County's investigation into our Newpoint schools here locally.  What was requested by this NC official, and what was provided yesterday, were the following:

1.  The redacted electronic copy of my initial package of information from a whistle-blower.

2.  A redacted copy of Tab "5" from the district's binder.

These officials are paying close attention to the media surrounding Newpoint schools both here and in Panama City.

Will the issues here lead to charter application denials in North Carolina??

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

I think that it is great they are asking questions, and I pray it stops them from being able to open there. This Newpoint Management Company should not be allowed to be operating in the capacity of Education. No more millions of dollars should be given to them for anything. I am angry over the scandal that has been playing out over the past years with this company. They should be held accountable and liable for all the damage they have done to our students in this county and our neighboring counties.

Anonymous said...

I think the school board and the superintendent should be held accountable to the tremendous amount of damage they have done to my children by shutting down the newpoint schools! The school they attended was excellent and with no problems, but they were accused as well, which led to their closure here recently. So you idiots who think they are one in all the same just display your own stupidity by making statements like that that prove you have had absolutely no insight into the matter. Why in the world would you shut down an entire chain of fast food joints just because one failed an inspection? Just because one was poor doesn't mean all are bad! Think about that...