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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

President Obama and the Worst Example to Set for Students...

Some liberal allies of the President are scratching their heads collectively over his irresponsible choice of words yesterday during an interview on the WTF podcast.  Most, however, unequivocally support the President's use of the "N-word" during an interview,

Of Course MSNBC viewers think it was just dandy that Obama said the "N-Word."  (although hardly anybody watches MSNBC who cares, right?)

In an otherwise interesting conversation that lasted more than an hour, the President discussed many subjects and the responses he gave to comedian Marc Maron were thoughtful and insightful .

But then in one segment he dropped the N-word while discussing his view that racism, explicit and implicit, is still an issue in America in 2015.

But why say that word?  Why not say “N-Word” instead, sparing our ears from the verbalization of the full word, complete with all of its associated baggage?

And then the President triples-down arrogantly and has his press secretary defend his use of this disgusting racial slur.

I think that word is offensive and has no place in our society.  I think the word is the problem, no matter who utters it.

But the larger problem is this---Students are watching, and now this incident and the President’s poor decision-making has added even more legitimacy to this word for kids. 

They already hear this word too often in rap lyrics, on the internet, in their homes and communities, and even on the school yards.

One Escambia County elementary school principal told me that “students’ using the “N-word” at school is a real problem.  The kids call each other this word, black students and even some white students—it is a real problem.”

Now all they have to do is point to the President.  “See, even the President uses the N-word.” 

The problem here is a white person who accidently utters this word can lose everything—context of the usage does not matter—white people cannot use this word at any time, ever, or the consequences can include loss of one’s job, stigmatization, and/or characterization and categorization (whether or not it’s true) as a racist.

Meanwhile, Black rappers, many Black actors, performers, athletes, and others casually use this word on a frequent basis, desensitizing the public while simultaneously marginalizing and propagating the continuing use of this racial slur. 

It’s almost the reverse of the 1950’s drinking fountain; Only Black people can use this word, everyone else must use the other fountain.  Do we really want our country to be like this?
I read a lot and hear a lot about “the talk” Black parents have with their children, particularly their male children, about dealing with police.  I’ve heard our President discuss this.  I’ve heard NYC  Mayor Bill DiBlasio discuss this.

But there is a talk that White parents need to have with their children about using this disgusting, despicable racial slur the “N-word” in America in 2015.  It goes like this:  “Do not EVER use this word, no matter what, not ever.  No matter how often you hear it in music, on the football field, in the locker rooms, in school, or even from your friends.  Not only because you shouldn’t ever use this word because the word itself should not be used by anyone, but also because if you use it, no matter the setting and no matter the context, you will probably lose everything-you can count on that.”

Congratulations, Mr. President, on setting us back about 40 years in our nation’s efforts to become post-racial.  Nobody cares what the liberal media, your water-carriers, think.  The word is repulsive and it does not matter who says it.  The President of the United States should NEVER lower himself to the level of using this vile, despicable racial slur.

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