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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Scapegoating the Wrong People Slowly Destroys Communities and Schools

I see disturbing parallel similarities in the way schools, teachers, and administrators are being blamed when students are subjected to punishment for incidents of misbehavior in public schools, and in the way police are being targeted when simply doing their jobs in challenging urban environments.  

 In both schools and society, generally speaking, what leads people into trouble is poor personal choices and the lack of a solid family foundation—not bigotry or poverty! 

As the genuine practice of religion has evaporated along with the nuclear family in parts of urban America today, there’s been a proportionate rise in violence, drug abuse, social decay, and failing schools in such communities. 

The Federal Government has exacerbated this problem; with ever-expanding entitlements that have disincentivized work and made fatherless households convenient and renumerative—what else did the social justice engineers that developed these “programs” expect?

The radical,so-called  social justice organizations that point fingers of blame will never acknowledge the real cause of all of these troubling symptoms:  There is a lack of functional, effective family structure in large swaths of America today. 

It remains much more salacious, newsworthy, and lucrative to instead portray teachers, cops, school districts, and police departments as “overzealousbigots.”

Police Departments are fully capable of doing their jobs if they are allowed to do so and if they’re supported by their respective cities and counties.  Policemen should be commended for doing the dangerous work they do!

Instead, the minute something tragic happens like in Baltimore or Ferguson---politicians of every stripe immediately pounce on LEOs. 

Before you know it, abracadabra, it is entirely the police’s fault that communities are dysfunctional and disproportionate numbers of minorities are incarcerated.

Next come the outlandish explanations from the ideologues that demonize police—the tactics are too aggressive, departments need re-training, they need more diverse workforces, etc. etc... 

Once these na├»ve rubes get exactly they want- crime rates soar.  Police back away from proactive

 policing, just like right now in Baltimore and NYC.   

The “Baltimore slowdown effect”-- It’s what happens when local police forces are disemboweled by social justice zealots and the very communities that employ them.

With respect to professional educators---there are two important axioms these same social justice practitioners who hate policemen demand you swallow whole about the way minorities are treated in today’s American public schools:

                1.) It is always the schools’ fault students are not learning and achieving academically in urban America.

                2.) The schools are racially biased if the percentages of students who get into trouble at schools appear to be out of balance with the racial composition of community populations. 

Although this disproportionate Minority/Caucasian infraction effect happens nationwide in districts with high minority populations (just as it does in the criminal justice system), agitators expect us all to instead  believe there’s an epidemic of racist bigots working in professional positions at schools all across America-- purposely, willfully targeting minority students for disparate punishment.

The only thing more ludicrous than anyone believing this garbage is that many public school policy makers actually do believe this!

Out-of-control apologist agitators profit from this pot-stirring.

“Educational consultants” grifting off of the taxpayer’s largess $ell $eminars and work$hop$, reinforcing this badly-flawed narrative.

Sadly, this ridiculous spectacle of overt political correctness is hastening the decimation of public schools as teachers now leave the profession in droves and parents of means chose other alternatives.

 And we wonder why??

We mustn’t allow anarchy in our schools to pacify agitators at the expense of good students and good teachers; Otherwise, we’re complicit in the destruction of America’s schools-- and America and our descendants will reap what we’re sowing.


Anonymous said...

Social justice organizations do not fail to acknowledge the importance of family. Indeed, it's the fact that many children come from these poor conditions that moves the to find innovative solutions. Please fully understand the other side's position before trying to argue against it.

Have compassion. Understand the real difficulties. Then work with innovative people to make a difference.

Jeff Bergosh said...

I do have compassion, and I know some students have zero support at home. What I'm saying is we are going the wrong direction in solving the problem; We need more firm, fair, yet strict discipline in the schools in order to help students be successful. When we become malleable tools of out of control, radical groups that profit from telling teachers they are at fault when students misbehave, like Pacific Educational Group and other such copycats, when we do this that is the first step in destroying schools. kids need structure and discipline. Give them firm discipline with real consequences and this will get them on track. Letting some students get 61 referrals and looking the other way when they are abusive, anti-social, and often violent--or giving them slaps on the wrist, and you've conditioned them that this behavior is acceptable. Then, when they are in front of a Judge and there is no "61 chances" before severe consequences, we will have been complicit in setting them up for prison--because when we could have set real behavior expectations when the were young and in school, we failed. Worse, we allowed psychotic liberals to convince us that going easy on abusive, violent kids in the name of fairness was the best thing we could do to keep some kids out of prison--in actuality doing the opposite was what was/is necessary. Sit back and watch as I'm proven right. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Not every group believes teachers are at fault *as such.* This is another example of how a complicated problem is misunderstood, resulting in a Straw Man. There are groups that believe teachers play a role. Indeed, teachers do play a role and can make a huge difference if properly trained. Studies show it, too.

I think what those who tend to look at all factors think is they realize there are unmet social and emotional needs for many children. Consequences are important for learning how to get through society, of course. But that's only a piece of the puzzle. They understand that families fail to meet those needs for whatever reason. In my experiences, it's not that families do not care. Parents are sometimes broken people themselves. Sometimes they are truly just ignorant to good parenting. It's rare that I ever see a family that doesn't care at all.

I think your language is rather emotionally-charged, too. Good thing I don't call conservatives ignorant, gullible individuals who have this fantasized simple view of why we have social problems. I mean, darn, these kids in the inner city are only the product of a previous generation that was OUTWARDLY discriminated against from gaining good jobs. Look up the job discrimination in the 80s (age was also a problem). Geez, I'd be pretty angry too, especially if, as close as 20 years later, they called my son lazy after I failed to get a decent education and couldn't get good job.

Anyway, arguing won't do much good.