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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Surrender: FSBA Votes to #Drop the Suit!

In a stunning reversal from just less than one year ago, the Florida School Boards Association's board of directors has voted 21-9 to drop out of the lawsuit challenging Florida's tax credit scholarship program that benefits nearly 70,000 poor, mostly minority students.

A few weeks back a circuit court judge in Tallahassee threw the case out, and the odds were long that an appeal would be successful.

Yesterday's action leaves just the FEA labor union and the NAACP as the two entities still involved in this suit.

They can either continue to fight, which I'm certain their lawyers will want to do, or they can drop the suit as well.

If they stick with the lawsuit, they will have to win the appeal and then fork over more legal fees to keep the fight going even in the face of long odds.

In New Hampshire and Arizona, the same sort of tax-credit scholarship programs have successfully fended off challenges in court.

Florida's outcome will be no different, and the winners this time will be students and families and the losers will be FEA and NAACP.

FSBA, to their credit, obviously saw this "writing on the wall" and wisely extricated themselves from this badly flawed, destructive lawsuit.

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