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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Newpoint Public Records: My Portion of the Records Request Ready for Release Today

On April 6th a huge public records request was made for the documents I have in my possession regarding the Newpoint Investigation.

I worked diligently to compile my part of the information in order to answer this request, but there was some disagreement between lawyers as to what was exempt and what must be released.

At the beginning of this week, the State's Attorney cleared up the issue and sent a letter to the Board's attorney, delineating clearly, with emphasis, what is exempt and what must be released.

So my thick stack of records has been redacted and the requestors of this information have been notified and will be provided this information today.

Because of the voluminous quantity of data, I have not yet determined what, if any, I will be able to link to this blog.

I may link some in a series of forthcoming posts.

Among the allegations found in some of my public records to be released today: (These are ALLEGATIONS ONLY at this point and much of this is the subject of a current, active, multi-agency investigation presently)

-Newpoint altered grades
-Newpoint jeopardized student safety multiple times and in multiple ways
-Teachers provided students answers "over their shoulders"

-ECSD failed to follow up on numerous phone calls, emails and written correspondence documenting

 these serious allegations.  Phone calls were made to district leadership on 5/10/2014, 5/12/2014, 5/18/2014, 5/22/2014, and 5/23/2014.

-ECSD investigator told to "shut down investigation"

-ECSD purposely, willfully did not adddress grade tampering and other academics anomalies during partnering sessions between district and Newpoint

I have every confidence that these allegations will be thoroughly investigated and the truth will emerge.


Anonymous said...

Will you post the documents?

Jeff Bergosh said...

I have not yet decided if I will link all or some of the documents here, it is a thick stack.