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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Uh Oh...The Educrats are Going to HATE this Bill!

What a profound shift in thinking, to think that we should put students, parents and families first?  Unbelievable, right?

HB 1145 just passed out of the House yesterday, a bill despised by the guardians of the status quo and nearly universally by Democrats in Tallahassee.  After all, how dare these taxpayers demand access to great schools, the audacity of it all, right?

But this bill did pass yesterday, and among other things this bill will allow Florida families stuck in failing school districts the flexibility to choose and attend ANY Florida public school that has capacity.  One county over, two counties over, or across the state.  If they provide the transportation, their children can attend.  What a great idea, this will drive careerists in suits nuts--- they will immediately start spinning around like tops, spinning all their opinions about how this is a horrible idea and is going to make things soooooo difficult.  Yeah, they hate this--even the educrats that have "R"'s by their name but govern like what they truly are, moderate "D's"  Yeah, the same ones that like to condescendingly, deridingly tell parents that "our system knows better than you what is best for

YOUR child"---yeah they'll hate this too.  Too bad for them.  too bad because this bill it is the right thing to do for Florida students, parents, and taxpayers!

And I am proud to say that  our coalition of school board members the FCSBM, has strongly supported this and other student/parent-centric legislation.

Finding any wide media coverage of this profound bill is more difficult than taking a clear picture of the Yeti, but a few outlets are covering this.

From the Bradenton Herald:

"The House on Friday voted 80-36 for a bill that would let children enroll in any school in the state regardless of where they live. The provision is included in a comprehensive education bill that now heads to the Florida Senate. If the bill (HB 1145) becomes law families could enroll in any public school if it has space. Families would be responsible for taking their children to and from the school."

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Anonymous said...

Just another reason we need to invent telepathy. If you want to go to school where there is high degrees of freedom, all you have to do is jump in your machine to get there. If you work better in a traditional academic setting, all you gotta do is jump in your machine to go to school.

It'd also help with punctuality, depending how fast it takes to transport someone's particles to another part of the globe. Given that humans like things that are faster than the click of a button, eventually it could solve the problems of those who are not very punctual.

Someone needs to get on this.

Jeff Bergosh said...

Anon--please be serious here...I mean really? How can you possibly think telepathy would help in this issue? Telepathy is sending communications silently mind to mind. Teleportation is moving matter from place to place teleportation will help. Please get your terminology right; take this *matter seriously!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, how could I be so mindless to confuse the two.