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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Women for Responsible Legislation: Here Comes a Fiery, Red-Meat Conservative Speech on Education!

I love it when I do not have to be politically correct and can just honestly discuss conservative, red-meat issues that I feel are important yet not discussed enough.  Tomorrow will be one of these occasions!

The Women for Responsible Legislation of Pensacola have invited me to be their featured speaker for their April meeting tomorrow.

This meeting will take place tomorrow- Thursday, April 23rd --at 11:15.

The meeting will be held at Pensacola City Hall at 222 W. Main Street, Pensacola, FL. 32502.

Items that they would like me to discuss include all of the interesting yet controversial issues in public education today, including:

Common Core, School Choice, Accountability vs. Over-testing, Textbook adoptions, Elected vs. Appointed Superintendents, attendance boundaries, vouchers, backpack funding, Union Influences on school policy, homeschooling, school discipline etc. etc.

I anticipate giving a brief overview of who I am, where I'm from, how I ended up on the school board, my thoughts and opinions on hot topics in education locally, statewide, and nationwide (listed above)--followed by an extended question and answer session.

I anticipate this speech will be a lot like the "Red-Meat" conservative speech I gave last month at the Escambia County Republican Executive Committee meeting--and I am very appreciative of the invitation, and really looking forward to speaking to this group!

I think some of what I'll say, and most of my stances on these issues,  will resonate strongly with this group.

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