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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Newpoint Public Records Release Part I: First Contact

On Wednesday March 25th at about 7:45 PM I received the call. 

whistle-blower I did not know called me at home and we spoke for more than an hour. 

Then, this same whistle-blower sent me reams of documents detailing serious, startling allegations via multiple emails.  I stayed up late in the evening and early into the next morning reading it all-and I was deeply troubled, very concerned over the allegations in the documents.  

Because I knew the allegations were incendiary, I posted this blog entry at 6:27 AM that Thursday morning, not naming the school and not going into any specifics—but stating there was potentially a huge problem, about which the board did not know.  This was all happening right on the heels of the recent debacle over the PATS program, after all....

I did indicate in that very first blog post that this was going to be an explosive issue and that I was going to try and get answers as fast as I could.  I was angry for a number of reasons, but I knew I had to forward these allegations, emails, and all documents IMMEDIATELY to School Board Attorney 
Donna Waters and Superintendent of Schools Malcolm Thomas, which I did early the following
morning, on Thursday, March 26th.  This is the email, below, I sent that morning. This email is a part of the raft of records released yesterday to the press and others under the Public Records Law.


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Anon- not sure if I'm going to link the entire stack of documents--it is a very thick stack.