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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Shadow Economy Part III: District-wide Draft Audit Report


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting! This was very informative as to what is required of OSO's.

Anonymous said...

actually the 12 year old handbook on how to run an OSO lays it out a lot better than this draft report..... The problem most booster clubs don't know about the handbook and some that do, don't care.
Waiting for our Principal to contact our booster club. When they do, it needs to be common knowledge to ALL the members and not just the board or no one ever finds out about it. In fact the principals should send a letter to all members, so there are more sets of eyes to rectify the problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost positive that not all principals are aware of everything the booster clubs do; if they did, some booster clubs would be terminated, which would ultimately hurt the kids/club they support. I don't believe any harm in hurting the kids/club is intentional, but awareness is the key.