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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

America's Distrust of the Media, Part I

In the original version of this cartoon, our President was portrayed as a rat demanding loyalty.  a more apropos rendition is the rat being the biased, partisan media trusted less and less by the American people

Trust in the American mainstream media is the lowest it has been since Gallup began tracking this metric in 1972.  Today, only about 1/3 of Americans trust the mainstream media to report the news “fully, accurately, and fairly.”  This number continues to fall with good reason.  America is polarized and everyone is a partisan, and the media is now taking sides and by a massive proportion the 4th Estate aligns with the left.  

The evidence of this is on display with nightly attacks on the President of the United States by the media who are bent on his destruction.  The media is so focused on a non-story that they have worked themselves into a rabid feeding frenzy—desperately searching for the monster under the bed that is not there.  With reckless abandon, they keep reporting half-truths and innuendos that are flat out false, and “straight news” reporters are now editorializing during evening broadcasts.  Russia, Trump, Russia, Trump, Collusion, Russia, Trump, Russia, Trump, meddling, meddling, Russia.  It is mind-numbing and more importantly—it is undermining our country.  

Democrats are so furious over their loss in the Presidential election that they are working hand in glove with their ally the mainstream media in an open attempt to destroy a man’s reputation and take him out of office utilizing the power of their collective bully pulpit to pull this off.  It is a slow rolling coup d’état that is taking

 place right before our eyes based upon no facts, no evidence, and yes—no monster under the bed.  These outlets are a collective Dr. Frankenstein, making the monster to put under the bed, and sadly some gullible Americans are going along with it hook line and sinker.  

These same partisans in the media ignored the real instance of Russian-American collusion that was captured live on video.  They ignored the lies about Benghazi and real obstruction of justice in that case.  Nope-the partisan leftist media issued passes for those politicians that did wrong—because those were Democrats.  Now the media are fixated on creating news, chasing ghosts, and trying to take our country away by destroying a Presidency.  Shame on the liberal media for their disgusting partisanship, ridiculous political correctness run amok, and their failure to report real news in an open and balanced manner.  Shame on them.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely, we write our lawmakers often and call it Treason. Also the truth about the dangerous theocracy of Islam needs to be brought to light. Fox news is reliable. I think there is still a large silent majority still bypassing wasteful social media argument, educating themselves and going straight to the true source of information.

Jeff Bergosh said...

The media at all levels today in America is a joke. Latest evidence--the nothingness that was Attorney General Jeff Sessions' testimony yesterday built up into a massive issue that engulfed the first half of ABC's World News. And there was no "there" there. Partisans in a feeding frenzy because their girl got beat and they just cannot come to grips with that, added to the fact that this current President does not genuflect before them--he challenges them on their BS garbage. The paradigm has shifted, and Americans that have grey matter between their ears understand the media today has an agenda and most importantly mainstream media can no longer be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Spot on about a Sessions.