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Monday, June 5, 2017

Angry ECAT Drivers say "FDU!"

ECAT bus operators began circulating flyers to the transit passengers on their buses today.

The message is pretty straightforward:    FDU!

But what does FDU mean?  According to the flyer, below, this means "Fight Doug Underhill!"


The drivers are more than likely reacting to a very long and protracted discussion last Tuesday evening where the BCC discussed the ECAT contract renewal. 

The discussion was focused and all of the commissioners expressed significant concern with the inefficiency and excessive costs of this transit operation.  We voted to send the ECCT service back to the state, and we kicked the can on taking any official action on the First Transit contract for the fixed route service.

Commissioner Underhill did mention some specific issues with ECAT that troubled him greatly----but so did the rest of us.  I know I was pointed in my criticism of the structure of the ECAT system- at the meeting and on this blog. Commissioner Barry expressed frustration about the contract with First Transit as well.

So this new development and this distribution of flyers  has led to many persons contacting our office today...According to my aide Debbie Kenney, we have received at least 22 messages as of 4:00PM --- all of them expressing support for ECAT.

We had at least one message on the voicemail box that was polite yet extremely pointed.

But why use the acronym FDU in this flyer?  I'm concerned that this acronym might be altered to
mean something else that is much less polite toward the BCC in general and towards Commissioner Underhill in particular.  If an acronym against one particular commissioner absolutely must be used--a tactic which I absolutely do not support, by the way--Then the union should use one that is less likely to be misinterpreted--otherwise--just imagine what might come next......

 S-T-F-U?   Start-To-Fight-Underhill?


Pat Dwyer said...

Thank you for providing this information. (Corrected).

Anonymous said...

Ahhh..a slight sense of humour. Thank for taking the time to write this.

Jeff Bergosh said...

Thank you Pat and Anonymous: One thing we can never lose is our sense of humor, right? If we lose our sense of humor it is all downhill from there.....