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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Coffee With the Commissioner 6-28-2017

Wednesday, June 28th 2017 District 1 Coffee with the Commissioner Event.

Today we held our monthly Coffee with the Commissioner event at Denny's on Mobile Highway.  We had a nice group of citizens that stopped by to discuss various issues going on in the district.

This morning's discussion focused on the budget, the beach tax issue, neighborhood safety, rebuilding the jail, road and sidewalk issues, and the OLF 8 OLF X land swap.  We also talked quite a bit about the funding being pulled for two important road projects in District one.

I was even asked by one attendee about this past Sunday's editorial where I was mentioned in relation to the Newpoint scandal.  I explained my part in that issue to the assembled group.  They seemed very interested in that issue.

I was somewhat surprised that nobody talked about or brought up the

ECAT system and the issues there.  This did not come up once.

Administrator Jack Brown was on hand to give updates on county-wide issues about which the group was interested, and the citizens on hand took advantage of this opportunity to discuss issues one-on-one with Escambia County's Chief Executive Officer.

Administrator Jack Brown speaks to citizens at the District 1 Coffee with the Commissioner event, 6-28-2017

I told the group about my recent trip to tour the jail, and I also mentioned my upcoming ride-along with the Ensley Fire station that will be happening this Saturday.  I also discussed some various animal control issues that have come up and that I am working on and I also told the group assembled that I will soon be touring the County's Animal Shelter.

I look forward to next month's coffee event, and I encourage any and every citizen that is interested in a serious dialogue/discussion with their commissioner to attend.

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